Miguel Isaza
lunedì 22 agosto 2016
Ethereal Fortore, Day 10: Prayer

This piece is the result of the final performance created from sounds recording during the residencys. After two weeks of doing sound research in the village Ginestra degli Schiavoni, focusing my activities in religious practices and their relationship with sound, I ended up with recordings of traditional songs, the procession of San Antonio, the church liturgies, rituals, among other fascinating encounters. The idea was to combine them with other elements that I considered equally important in the spirituality of the place: insects, birds, cow bells, movements of people, wind and imaginary-driven records, all joint together in order to explore the contemplative atmosphere of the territory, integrating rurality and technology into the listening event.

It is interesting how the boundaries between the spiritual and the material are diluted when we listen, thus considering the ether as an integral space which is evident from a notion and practice of listening as a psycho-physical manifestation where the polarities surrender not merely to the unit, but above all, to an unavoidable entanglement, to the inter-connected, to the resonance. The sound thus becomes a form beyond forms, a universal element that rather than claiming their territory as a space apart from the four material elements, is established as the process that links them and develops them despite of its intangibility.

This background allows us to find in listening an intrinsic mystical experience which is basically our simple experience of the world, where a silence inhabited by anyone willing to listen, arranges life in a completely amazing way, actually revealing space, time and being as a transitory yet vast and diverse experience. Therefore the final concert of Ethereal Fortore had to be focused on this way of inviting to contemplation, so it was arranged acousmatically, in the dark, with a hidden interpreter in a night on the outskirts of the central bell tower at Ginestra, where the community in its many ages together with people from various countries, some animals in the area and many other beings who live in the acoustic, gathered as one same listening experience in which infinite ways of meeting appear. All this, perhaps to extend a prayer started many years ago in the ethereal, appears as subtle territories of our living condition, floating without beginning or end, as signals that no matter how ephemeral, talk infinity, at least in the present moment, where they oscillate deeply, just as an artistic residence in such a magic place, surrounded by such amazing people: will be always resonating in the heart.