Miguel Isaza
mercoledì 20 luglio 2016
Ethereal Fortore, Day 8: Lago di San Giorgio

There is a magic in the contemplation of the sound spaces and it’s widely reflected in a very unique way when certain rural areas are experienced at night, where we can not only appreciate beautiful textures and spaces visual and materially unique, but also subtle vibratory interactions which seem to be only possible to contemplate under certain conditions such as the absence of light and normal day activity, which allows not only to discover other aspects of the environment itself, also offer acousmatic revelations produced in the passive agency of listening.

Today I experienced this in a sublime way in terms of what I normally presence in the rural territory. With my friend David Vélez, I went in the afternoon to San Giorgio lake to seek for some intriguing underwater sonic activiry, looking species, textures, sudden movements and acousmatic processes that are known to benefit from the darkness and invisibility of what lies outside the visual perception. However, the most exciting moment was when we came back hours after, at night we we got back from San Marco dei Cavoti, where we stopped mainly because we thought we could find a lot of frogs.

We reached the place with Carola, Antonio and Beatrice, who at first perhaps only thought about joining and waiting for us while recording, but later realized how special the moment was, for collective feeling shared in silence with the lake, into which some animals jumped suddenly, creating a universe in every rash. To our surprise, there weren’t as many frogs as expected, but this created a sense of particular attention to a particular absense that later turned out to be a hugely active microsonic realm.

It is very likely that none of us expected such magic, with amazing clouds painted by the moon over the vast space, whose tints were felt even more alive in the reflection of the lake and its movements. The sound was as quiet as thunderous, as absent as present, able to fully deluting every border to approach the depth of the living in the vast space. Time stopped and it was difficult for us to know how much time we spent in there, because between the granular wonder of some frogs who appeared after several monutes of recording, the delicate time of the insects and the confluence of nature elements in space, everything became absolutely present, with no past, nor future, creating an incessant passage of pure life that made the ears to feel at home.