Miguel Isaza
martedì 19 luglio 2016
Ethereal Fortore, Day 7: Granular alchemy

The more days I spend in this place, deeper the microsonic activity seems, each day revealing a new dimension in the texture and also revealing intense questions around the fact of being able to listening to sounds which, even among a large mass of activity and energy, excel, thus leading to new notions of the organic. For example, insects and amphibians feature processes which are quite fast for human perception in terms of frequency over time, reflecting interesting layers of sound that in the acousmatic reduction stop to be small insects and become infinite universes condensed between milliseconds.

These explorations have led me to the idea of developing a sound work where these microsounds can gather with elements resulting from the fascinating conversations with members of Liminaria team, such as intense dialogues with Beatrice on rhizomes, networks and possibilities of sound towards time and futurism, or delicate exchanges with Eva on subtleties of lifeforms, as the taste of oregan, lavender scent or the relationship between climate and vegetation. All this shows one the possibility of the organic in various dimensions, not only from the biological and material but also in the imaginary, cultural and immaterial.

So today I walked in search of more microsounds, looking not only species in the acoustic environment but also in the imaginative possibilities of digital processing, for that taking sources which in theory are non-organic, to find an alchemy from the atomic sound that allows evoke other species, territories and possibilities of reality in listening. I will seek to reflect this in a multichannel setup, so I did a proof of this, as reflected in a soundscape designed from raw recordings of the rural environment and also proceeding from timesetching items related to animals and others from contexts machines, human voices or air, digitally altered to give the idea of animal life, which when integrated with real elements, camouflages an generates a sense of life from the sound, plus the inability of drawing, from listening, fixed boundaries between artificial and natural, different than what use to happen in matter.