The Project

Liminaria is a research field project. It is set to create cultural, social and economic sustainable networks in the Fortore Area, micro region in the province of Benevento, Italy.

With working together with local communities in building “actions” within the territory, Liminaria wants to experiment a series of interventions that – as inspired by concepts of re-territorialization, restance (fr) /left-overness (en) and self reliance – are able to reconfigure local rural space as an activity center where social capitals, namely the set of networks of cooperatives among individuals and collectives, represents a central point for the re-valuation of local resources.

“Actions” made in place though this project run over different fields: from art performances and  cultural events to workshops on co-working with the local schools, from the optimization of networks to the testing of new hybrid formats of new technologies; all looked in a perspective where innovation and transitions are made possible among these spaces, landscapes and local communities through the experience of sustainable strategies and practices.