Sara Lenzi

Sara Lenzi is a musician and sound designer with more than a decade of experience both in the art world and in the creative industry. Brought up in the classical music world and with a background in philosophy of science, in 2008 she founded the award-winning boutique sound design firm Lorelei. In 2012 she moved Lorelei from Italy to Singapore, where she spent the past five years. The first sound branding agency in Italy and in South East Asia, Lorelei designed sound identities, interactive installations and multimedia experiences for brands such as Fujitsu, BMW, Ducati, Volkswagen, Giugiaro, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Art Science Museum, among the others. University lecturer both in Europe and Asia, she founded the blog and worked as a business strategist for tech startups in the field of sound&web, Internet of Things for retail, and interactive interfaces for the urban space. Her current interest focuses on data sonification, i.e. the use of sound to explore and analyse big data sets, in particular from social sciences. Finalist in 2014 at the Media Architecture Biennale of Aarhus, in 2013 she took part to the Interactional Creative Industry Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, as a representative of the European Union for the design industry. Her sound works have been exhibited or performed in Italy, France, UK, Israel, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Japan.