Emiliano Battistini

Emiliano Battistini (Rimini, Italy, 1984) is a musician, sound artist and researcher.

He is graduated in guitar and didactic of musical instrument. Since 2011 he has worked in the field of soundscape, carrying out solo as well as collective projects. He attended workshops with Bernard Fort (field recording), Albert Mayr (soundwalk) and Pierre Mariétan (listening). In 2013 he founded the Ground-to-Sea Sound Collective together with Fabio and Luca Mina, which works on the relationship between soundscape, music and video art, and creates site-specific concerts and installations. Since 2015 he is in charge of sound for the interdisciplinary collective Paesaggi Migranti, which focuses on the exploration of the landscape of the Val Marecchia (Montefeltro, Italy). In 2015 he won the Giuseppe Englert Prize (CH) together with his colleague Nathan Belval, for the biannual project Vin Voix Valais, centred on the sonic identity of the Vallese canton (CH) in specific relation to wine. Since 2016 he has curated, together with Federica Landi, the photography and phonography event Phonography 2.0. at the independent cultural space RIU (Rimini, Italy). Since 2017 he is a member of the EU research project Il paesaggio sonoro in cui viviamo, carrying out group investigation the soundscape of Tempo Reale. After obtain a degree in Semiotics from Bologna University, he currently is a PhD candidate in European Cultural Studies at Palermo University, where he works on Semiotics and Sound(scape) Studies.