Miguel Isaza
Monday 22 August 2016
Ethereal Fortore, Day 9: Acousmatic swarm

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Time has passed quickly, or perhaps it never passes at all. Days of stillness seem diluted in an agitated movement in which tranquility is also felt but on the way of flowing with the collaborative spirit of Liminaria and appreciating how we all help one way or another, not just for the need of everything to go well but, above all so that the fabric is constructed as it should be, in a way people do not forget the life present in their territories, so the richness that is alive in these border areas, can be expanded, valued and recognized.

Today has been completely dedicated to work on the installation and performance that I will present tomorrow. It was interesting because although one comes up with an idea to work, it gets transformed over time as it interacts with the community, around conversations, insights, discoveries, encounters, sensations. It is wonderful that the residence is focused on the interaction and collaboration with the community and the idea of how a culture can be inhabited in order to reflect something from what could seen as an external point of view –such as a the one of a foreign listener–, but it actually becomes a pilgrimage to listening as such from the collective, from the shared feeling, from the idea of experiencing equanimity even among the apparent difference.

That gave parameters to compose some sound, so I decided to explore two essential aspects of what this idea of an ethereal Fortore could be, reflected in two sonic processes that I have found significant, one is the already mentioned insects, with whom I have had a particular relationship and whose inner worlds I find incredible oneiric and profound; and another is the one found in the religious practice, which significantly shapes both social and spiritual processes of the place. Therefore the final performance will be oriented in search of prayer and the possibility of using sound to extend or mirror the notions of peace and slowness at the time of the spiritual aspirations of goodness and peace.
For now, let’s listen to some more insects I time stretched in order to explore some of their sound matter qualities, which have dictated me different ideas for hiding them in speakers at a garden, which is actually what tomorrow’s installation will look for, kind of asking what’s actually the idea of biology in an acousmatic perspective, what’s alive in the invisible and what is actually life as such when we reduce our senses to sound and let it be free in our imagination. Sometimes it feels like there are not living beings sounding out, but sounds living as beings at first place.