2017 — Writing Sound

As a fieldwork-based research project Liminaria adopts a self-reflexive approach to its own working protocols and stays open to new ways to conceive the curatorial process. In line with this Liminaria 2017 will entirely invest the project’s social and cultural capital on the residency programme, in order to experiment with effective ways – for all parties involved – to mutually and sustainably engage with the rural territory of Fortore. The project will interrogate all the process and dynamics generated within the practice/protocol of “art residencies”. Within this framework, time will be given to the creation of a critical space in which it will be possible to collaboratively develop reflections and actions aimed at narrating the residency process – in close dialogue with the sound-based artistic practice. We have called this critical space Writing Sound: moments of encounter between the invited artists, Liminaria’s curators and the invited curators. These will take place during the residency. We will discuss and experiment with collaborative forms of co-narration of the whole process of investigation, while sharing ideas around the different forms of aesthetic and theoretical reflection that sound is capable of activating.